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I keep checking on IMDb to see if they’ve added the crapload of credits I sent to them, and little by little they’ve been trickling in. Today when I checked, for some reason, it really kinda hit me that there, on IMDb, where I’ve checked so many times before for info on films and filmmakers, there, next to the “directed by” was my name. Don’t know why it struck me so strongly today. But it did.

And they’ve also updated quite a bit. My wife is now in there (finally! stop the nagging. lol) under hair/make-up and idea by. And Francis George is there too for still photographer. A few others have popped up, including one that made the “wow, i’m an actual director” thing kinda resonate.

They’ve got Scott Wizell plugged in as dedicatee. For those who don’t know, Scott was a really, really cool guy and someone that meant something special to me, tho I really couldn’t explain why. He was just one of those guys. If there was anyone I would have run to and brag about making a film, it’d have been him and he probably would have been the most thrilled that I was finally doing it. If there was anyone I would have loved to have sitting in the theatre when it played at CineVegas, well, actually I think he might have been there. I miss him. And seeing his name on IMDb, somehow, made me miss him even more. Because of all the people that would have thought it was pretty damn cool to be on there, it would’ve been him.

okay. Gonna stop before I start blubbering.

This is the picture that was used in “The Bet” that Scott shot. It’s the one that I’ve always loved, from the moment I saw it. Before he died, this image, to me, was something that showed his inspiration from Joel-Peter Witkin, very similar to “Leo,” and after he died, it was something that made me think it wasn’t just a picture of a chair, it was a picture of a person not there.

So, onto something else…

Since I shut down the forum (see previous post) it’d be cool to get some talk and such, if you’ve seen the film, which the subset of folks who’ve seen and who read this blog is, um, probably just me, well, it’s kinda moot. But, what the hey. You can discuss it HERE in lieu of the forum.