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Getting close to finishing Detox. Was hoping to be done this weekend, but life got in the way.

Wrote a pretty dramatic scene where I wasn’t sure if it was crap or awesome, but Chris said he was digging it, so I guess it wasn’t crap. These characters are quite verbose, which I hadn’t anticipated, but, whatever. That’s what the next draft is for. Clean up and tighten all the rambling.

Just a few more scenes to plug in and then the climax – which I have no idea what’s gonna happen. I mean, I know what leads up to it, the scene that starts it off, and some of the specifics to get it in motion, but I don’t know what will really transpire. I guess I’ll let the characters just do what they do and write it down as it happens.

Pretty damn excited to see how it turns out. Yes, I know that sounds odd that I don’t know what’s going to happen, but that’s the beauty of writing relatively without an outline. Give the characters a place to interact and let them go at it.

Hopefully this week (or weekend) will see the completion of the first draft.