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i got 53 pages (that’s 53 minutes) written on the new script. some of it is actually quite fuckin’ good. about another 40 to go and we’ll pronounce it a first draft. huzzah!

got a call from the chiller! thriller! film fest. they got their screener copies of “the bet” and really want to watch them, but they can’t cos they’re broken in half. nice. i’ll be at the post office in the morning.

really, really loving the music of download (no that’s not some weird yoda-esque phrase – download is a band). think it really meshes with the vibe/tone/whatever i had in my head for detox. somewhere in there is some awesome credits begging to happen.

had a nice two hours in the pool today. got some sun. some colour. some frustration with the kids and my wife cut her finger looking for birth certificates. there’s still a smudge on the wall of the office where she grabbed to get up. i’m gonna leave it there as inspiration.

impatient for august and festival notifications.

impatient to get the new script done.

i’m a race car in the red and i haven’t even left the garage.

gonna set off a shitload of fireworks and get drunk.