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So, at the awards luncheon at Postrio, we happened to be lucky enough to sit with the director of “Knock Knock,” the MySpace winner that was included in the shorts program. The dude, Jack Ferry, was cool people. Nice, genuine and not a pretentious snob. Much better company than the previous weekend’s luncheon. He’s a freelance news camerman and has a few shorts under his belt. He said they’ve done the festival circuit for a while and you see formulas in the shorts that are accepted and that the awards are always very political. Nice to hear.

We also talked about the cool reception “The Bet” got and the concern of it being better received at a horror festival. He said the horror fests are great. Really great people. Yeah, there are the obligatory zombie films (ok), but there are also a wide range of sub genre films ranging from sci-f to thriller to suspense and mixtures of all of them. Fuck yeah! That’s MY kind of fest.

By the way, if you haven’t already, check out “Knock Knock” at Brilliant, dark comedy.

The winners can be found HERE.