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Well, I’m finally in! IMDB has finally given me my own PAGE. Weird how really very exciting this is for me. I don’t know why. It’s like proof I made a film. They still only have editor listed, not sure why they’d do that and not director, but, hey, whatever – it’s THERE!

Too bad I didn’t notice that yesterday. I could have added that to the business cards I made for CineVegas. Yes, I actually made business cards. Goofy little things with a pretty Rubbersquare logo and my name. Matt asked how many credits I listed under my name. Technically two; it reads: “director and co-writer of ‘The Bet’ and the upcoming feature Detox.” Then it lists my email and both the official and MySpace sites for me, The Bet and Detox. Yes, that’s a lot of info, but, hey, shut it. Made some up for Chris as well.

Yes, today begins my foray into the film fest world. Got the goodie bag and passes yesterday (mmm, free bottle of vodka) and am doing the filmmakers’ lunch with Chris today, talking about Detox afterwards and eventually hitting My Name Is Bruce at 11 tonite. I told Shannon I was gonna wear the Donnie & Marie flipping the bird shirt and get a picture with Bruce Campbell flipping the bird. We’ll see how that works out. My goal is to get as many bird pictures as possible. If I get even one I’ll be stoked.

I have to go dig up some jeans now and see how badly in need they are of laundering. You think they mind if I’m a bit stinky? Maybe that’ll be my schtick.