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While the trailer has been pretty popular, garnering (as it should) quite a bit of talk and interest, it got it’s first “official” response on the website

“Indie horror is a special breed. Its either awesome or terrible. No middle ground is often found, not by me. Thankfully The Bet Trailer is really quite fantastic. One of the best indie horror trailers I have seen in quite some time.”

Like I said I was gonna promote the crap out of this thing and this is the first fruit born from that promotional tree. Or something like that.

Yesterday I spent entirely too much time at cafepress creating some awesome merchandise so I’d be able to order something to wear to CineVegas. Not every day. But I felt I’d be missing a great opportunity if I didn’t wear a “The Bet”-logo’d t-shirt to the premiere or at some time during the festival. Bu the way, the logo t-shirt comes in six colors. Oh, and there’s a bevy of Donnie and Maree merchandise, including ringer T’s, magnets and other swag. And some cool origami angel designs as well. Go. Now. Buy. Love. Thank me later.

Enough about that, tho, I need to get my notes together for “Detox.”