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Well, after some “issues,” an HD version of “The Bet” was dropped off at CineVegas. Quite unceremonial (not that I expected a procession of ushers to guide me in under fanfare and all that), but even psychologically it didn’t quite have the OH MY GOD-ness I thought it might.

“Hey, is there a manager on duty?”
“Yeah, she’s over there in red.”
Go over to the lady in red. “This is for CineVegas.”
Blank nod as she takes it.


But still. It’s there. Soon it’ll be on screen. In front of… not sure how many people. 100? 200? Maybe it’s a small theatre. Maybe it’s a big one. Dunno. Still. In a just a few weeks, a hundred or so people – people, I’ve never met nor will I ever will meet – will spend 18 minutes and 28 seconds of their life watching this film.

And not just them. Over the next few days, I’ll be sending out the film with it’s press kits to a handful of reviewers. Why? Why not. What if they hate it? Then they don’t get a blurb. What if they do? Then it’ll look nice on the DVD case when this bugger finally goes on sale.

And there’s the other festivals. So far I’ve just added one more to get in before the deadline. But there’s a bunch. And if they accept it. Awesome. If not, well, I’ve lost a small submission fee and some postage.

Like I told Chris, this little film deserves to have more to hang on it’s mantle than “Official Selection CineVegas.” This crazy little “side project” that so many people worked on and sweated to make real. Two million pixels making an image that flashes by 24 times every second. That’s nearly 2 and half BILLION pixels up there on screen. All those hours of prep. The shopping. The building. The storyboards. The writing. Literally months that went into that. And it may have absolutely no impact on them. But it’s not up there for them. I couldn’t give a crap if one person showed up. Cos I’ll be there. Me and all those pixels and all those hours and all those memories all the experience.

And that is a huge reason why this film exists. Yes, it was I had a bug up my ass to make a short film and yes, I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time. But that last thing is why I’m so happy it’s done. The experience. So, here’s to the next one.