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Ok, as a local, I cringe when I hear “VEGAS, BABY!” But, hey, I’m pretty stoked. “The Bet” has been selected to show at CineVegas, so I’m allowing a little bit of goofiness. The film will play twice, on June 13th and 15th, though times have not yet been announced. The schedule and trailers and all that good stuff should be up on the CineVegas site May 7th.

I got the news a while ago, but had been holding out. As a part of the festival, “The Bet” VIP’s get 3 all-access passes to CineVegas and a few tickets for each of the screenings. Needless to say, I’m going to have to put in for some vacation time. What freaked me out a bit was the news that the director (that’s me) goes up on stage beforehand (whether it plays before a feature or as a part of the shorts program) to say a few words and (if it plays in the shorts program) comes back after the films play for a Q&A. Here I thought, being new to this, I was just going to sit there with the audience anonymously and watch the film. Pretty cool.

Luckily the news came before my week-long vacation, which, with the stunner that a judging copy needed to be at the CineVegas office May 1, meant I spent the week fine tuning color and sound. Plus, getting the revamped trailer done by April 27th to go on the CineVegas site. AND that I had to get a headshot of myself (thanks Francis!). So, it was a rather busy week indeed. Everything got done on time (whew!) and now I’m at work putting together the production notes (10 copies on CD no less) as well as 5 DVD copies of the film for the press.

So, BIG news and hopefully not an isolated incident. Here’s to hobnobbing with the celebrities and all that stuff those film people do. Wait. I’m one of those film people. Wonder if they watch Mythbusters.