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or is it? After nearly three months of, um, delays and setbacks, I had no choice but to pull the post production of “The Bet” back into my hands. Not to say that in that time some nice things hadn’t happened, just that they hadn’t happened, um, completely. Hmmm, I am intentionally trying to be vague on this and it’s not working, so let’s just say I pulled the film back and made some adjustments to the color myself (based on what they’d done, just making it darker – waaay darker – even, actually, darker than the new trailer I posted since I was more concerned with that being bright and clear enough for web viewing) and as far as sound is concerned, pretty much just weeded and structured what was there, some subtle massaging and a little bit of foley to fill in the blanks. Not sure if this is the FINAL!!!! version. I still want to check the color on a calibrated NTSC monitor and want to fine tune the sound – the recording on set was, well, not all that good. Would love nothing more than loop all the dialogue and foley everything. From scratch. The ground up. But. At least it is, in some form, DONE!!! and not a day too soon. I couldn’t have taken time off at a better time, since I spent almost the whole week (aside from Friday’s IKEA outing) working on the film. There’s no way I could have gotten it done and all the other things that needed getting done (like the snazzy “Official Director Headshot” that Francis George took.