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Yesterday I went to Sun Media to address the color correction and, while it is a very, very subjective thing, I think it came out pretty good. Kinda disappointed we did it in Final Cut and not Smoke and it didn’t quite hit the contrasty look I’d hoped for (which I was afraid we wouldn’t since my tests fell short of what I wanted when I really started going through the scenes) – but it DOES look good. Could it look better? Probably. Will anyone think it looks bad? Not likely. So, like I said it’s subjective.

And I just got back from listening to the audio mix which is still in progress. Made a few overall comments and few specific notes. We got the music in there and, well, I think it sounds pretty awesome – but, that’s just me. Kevin, the audio guy, did some wild things in a few of the scenes (specifically the hallway) that were just creepy. Still a lot of foley work to be done and addressing the overall feel, but I think it’s gonna sound pretty good, too.

So, I’m pretty happy with where it’s at right now and it will only get better. Now, just to get it done.