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Chris Smith and I chowed and pow-wowed about stuff today, including where we are headed with the new as-yet-untitled script. He had (of course) a pretty interesting idea which would tie into something I’ve had in the back of my head for quite some time, so that was pretty cool. I’m going to try to hash out an outline once I get through the post on “The Bet.” Hard to even give a little taste of what the new script’s about without A) descriving something that might change or B) giving away something that might stay. Leave it at it’s a small, clever psychological thriller with human drama elements and some potentially creepy moments. We even haven’t quite nailed down the location it takes place in. Nor who the protagonist is. We have a very, very rough blush of what’s going to happen, and then we’ll fill in the blanks as we go. But I’m pretty excited to start something fresh and new having spent nearly a year on “The Bet.” Hopefully the next one will go a bit more quickly, at least relatively speaking. A year for a 20-minute short seems insane, but juggling a full-time job and other folks’ crazy schedules – while necessary – was very time-consuming. Hopefully the process will be a bit more streamlined the next time through.