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Waffling back and forth on the next project. Should it be a clever, twisty psychological thriller? Or should it be a thrill-ride gorefest? I’m pretty much torn. I think the gorefest would garner a bit more attention than the thriller, but it would possibly be a superficial interest. While the thriller could (read that COULD!) be a much better film, but infinitely harder to write and direct. Then there’s budget concerns. The thriller is undoubtedly cheaper to produce, whereas the gorefest would be a bit higher. More locations, larger cast and, of course, the FX budget for both makeup and visuals. I personally would love to be behind the camera and in the audience for the gorefest, but I am wondering if the thriller is the smarter move career-wise. I dunno.

I’ve had about five ideas for the gorefest (lord i’m already sick of typing that) and finally got to something I think would be different enough to stand out, but still relatively homage-anized (not homogenized like milk, rather cullina bunch of ideas from other films and bringing them together as a series of homages) – where the thriller is just a smart little film with a shitload of twists and turns.

I look at a film like “Hard Candy” and think WOW! that’d be amazing to have directed, but it did very little business. Whereas something like “The Descent” made a relative buttload. Not that I’m in this for the cash, believe me. But I gotta make a living. And I’m afraid that something like the thriller would be really, really tough to pull off without an amazing script and amazing actors.

And the thing with the thriller is it’s harder to find the “niche” festivals and such, whereas the gorefest would thrive at places like Screamfest, etc.


Either way, there’ll be something new coming up soon.

Whaddya think?