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Sunday we’re recording music and Monday (hopefully) I’ll get to see the new edit. Starting to freak out a litte bit. Got a lot to get done and not much time to do it. Only TWELVE days until the CineVegas deadline. gotta get a locked picture, shoot the “missing” scene and composite it with the other shot (intentionally vague there), adjust the Donnie and Maree image, record the song, record Announcer VO, record Sportscaster VO, sound design and mix – with possible additional music, color correction, credits, render and burn. oh. my. GOD! okay. Freakin’ a lot. If I miss the CineVegas deadline, it’s not like there’s not 2000 more festivals waiting behind it, but CineVegas was the goal from the beginning. And March 3rd & 12th are the deadlines for two other festivals I wanted to hit, But March 15th is CineVegas. I am not going to miss it.