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Back in June of last year, I started this blog with the same subject, leading to (finally) the creation of my first short film. So, not content with a single short film, I started thinking a few days ago and came up with the premise for another short. Well, apparently not content with another short, I thought, Why not a feature-length script and film? Well, after a few weeks of hemming and hawing, trying to come up with something compelling, but relatively low budget, I had a breakthrough.

Yesterday I was at a photoshoot at Francis George’s and he had this awesome horse syringe sitting on his shelf. It was from a past photoshoot he’d done and I was like, Wow! This thing is cool! So he said I should write something where that could be the poster image.

So last night, lying in bed (which is where the idea to do “The Bet” came from) I was thinking about that syringe and how it could be used. As I was drifting off to sleep, an idea started formulating. And I liked it.

This morning, while putting together our bed from IKEA (actually, it was already together, but I hadn’t gotten the midbeam and this morning my task was finishing it off) my mind kept swirling around the idea that had crept in last night. I twisted it and turned it in my head, adding bits, changing bits, rethinking this, retooling that, and by the time the bed was done I had the basic outline of what was going to happen. And I still liked it. Really liked it. A lot!

Now, I’m not gonna give anything away just yet. I’m instead going to chat up ol’ Chris Smith who co-wrote “The Bet” and get his take on it. If he thinks it’s something worth pursuing… well, I’m gonna go for it.

Stay tuned.