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While waiting to get into finishing on “The Bet” (which is driving me a bit crazy, the waiting; I want to see the darn thing finished), I typed those two magical words: “FADE IN:” and started on a new screenplay. Tentatively titled “The Skin of Mother,” the story follows a convicted child molester/murderer who is released from prison after serving his time. He tries to resume a normal life and finds it impossible. Not only does the world around him know he is a sex offender, which makes it difficult to forget what he had done no matter how hard he tries, but he is also haunted by the vision of the young girl he killed. Whether his mind is playing tricks or she really exists, he can’t escape her or the harsh reality that people will never forget.

Of course, the other two magical words, as equally frustrating and exhilarating as “FADE IN:” are yet to come. Those two words are: “FADE OUT.”