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Version 5 and Version 6 of the color testing are up.

Both were done by exporting the frames as individual images, then batch processing through Photoshop to apply specific color treatments and such (including some frame-by-frame hand fixing). Some things, like the very white highlights in the plaster on the wall were created by masking out the right side of the image and boosting the white. Similarly, the wall went from blue to almost black by masking the right side of the image. While it would be extremely fun to go through and do the whole film this way, I’m hoping the tools available to us in post will be able to achieve the same effect.

Version 5 is much grainier than 6 (which has a blur effect on one of the layers, making the highlights blur out, giving it more of an ethereal feel. Both are FAR darker than Version 2 which was posted a few days ago. Take a look. Let me know what you think. (both files are about 3MB each).