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In case you haven’t seen, “The Bet” is being promoted on a couple of popular websites, including the previously posted YouTube.

The trailer is being shown on IFC’s Media Lab.

Rubbersquare has a MySpace page which is promoting the film.

“The Bet” also has it’s own dedicated MySpace page. The latter will be getting a serious overhaul in the coming weeks, including some stills and a few surprises.

There’s also an Audience page on for the film.

Promotion for the film will be popping up all over the interweb shortly to give it some exposure and gain interest. Again, a shameless plug for the forum, which is still in its infancy, but will be ramping up shortly. If you haven’t joined yet, DO IT NOW. It’s free and will get you in touch with others who’ve seen or heard about the film. It will be the place for discussion. I encourage everyone to join and discuss the film, filmmakers, etc.