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With the new hosting plan which allows unmetered traffic (finally) comes some new additions.

The trailer is finally on the website, nice and big and clean. Recommended for faster connections, but shouldn’t bog down others too badly.

Updated bios in the bios section.

A revamped stills section (which has some work to be done, but is up in the interim). I’m going to be adding multiple ways of downloading the images, since right now the only option is to grab the hi-res RGB files all at once – which is a whopping 200MB download. Be patient. Options are coming, including adding CMYK files.

The site can be reached at either or

Plus, the forum is open (which links from the site and is accessible at Very limited right now, but this will be where you can not only discuss all things about the film (from cast to references to theories, etc.) but will also be where you can discuss all things Rubbersquare – which, aside from the movie, is right now limited to graphic design. Suggestions, comments, etc. appreciated.