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Ok. Finally. Back to editing. Got the first 2+ minutes copied from lo-def to hi-def this morning. Cutting together nicely. I’m amazed at how un-digital it actually looks. Not as clean as I’d feared, but still, no substitute for film. Of course, when you consider how much it actually costs to shoot/develop/transfer film, there’s no way we could have done anything other than digital. We shot on a Sony F900, which is freakin’ nice! And the lighting definitely helps. Can’t wait to get it done and into color correction. I messed a bit with Final Cut’s color correction on the trailer and was shocked at how nicely it worked. I know what big difference color correction can make, but it was nice to see (in a very amateur way with me doing it myself) how much it really changes things. Gonna be fun to define the look and see it executed properly once we get there.

Speaking of making a difference, it’s also funny how much the sound is going to have an effect. Right now, with just production sound, it’s not all that captivating. Plus, we recorded lav’s in one channel and boom in the other, and sometimes the lav’s weren’t on or weren’t working (or vice versa) so the sound ends up all in either the left or right channel. Plus, with no ambient sounds (rain, television, atmosphere, fx) and no adjustment to the sound, it’s a bit flat. Okay, it’s a LOT flat. So it’ll be fun to create that aspect as well. I read somewhere that bad sound can make a film seem more low-budget than a bad picture. And I’m definitely not a “sound” person, so I’m putting a huge amount of faith into post to make it really good.

About 18 minutes of film left to cut together. Can’t wait to get going on the next scene.