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Our final set, the hallway between Henry’s and James’ rooms, is up. Last night we cleared the room – we had to set up in one of the classrooms, rather than the theatre since a Christmas party is going on tonite – and moved all the flats and such into the room.

Starting about 10 this morning, Kurt, Matt and I got the flats into place and then Matt, Shannon Sarver, my wife and I started the daunting task of once again painting and dressing. Of course, this time I decided to add wallpaper into the mix. Not surprisingly the wallpaper wouldn’t stick to the flats, since they had gone through some serious destruction for the last two sets, so we resorted to spray mounting the paper to the walls. Not the recommended method for sure, but we got nice and high from the fumes. Then perked up when I started spraying coffee to stain the walls and wallpaper, followed by getting high again with the addition of black spray paint to darken things up.

This set is the most directly-influenced by Silent Hill. Not only does it just feel like something out of the game because it’s a hallway with doors on either side, but I added the “body bag” door from the alternate hospital in Silent Hill 2. Partly because I didn’t want to cough up another $70 for a fourth door, but also because I love referencing the game. We wrapped a black shower curtain around a frame and ran black tape across it. If nothing else, it is just an odd addition.

Plus, finally, the red square comes into play.

Leaving the school, I couldn’t help be amazed that once again, we’d created a pretty believeable world for the story to play out. But then, I might still be high from the fumes.