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If what I saw on the monitor today was any indication, this film is gonna be amazing. Not only did it look great, but the knife scene was just absolutely painful to watch – in a good way. Courtney wasn’t feeling well (bronchitis and a sinus infection) and the way Walt (in character of course) was going at her, screaming at her, thrashing her around… so believable. And tense. I just fon’t want to give anything away. Just. Wow.

Donnie and Maree finally got to ham it up for the “real” camera. The DVD of the newscast ran on the TV in the room, much to people’s amusement. Donnie is a dirty fucker.

Everything we shot today just screams mood. The lighting. The angles. The performances. Everything was just spot on. I was sad to have to break down the sets because it was just so great being in there. You truly felt like you were in another world.

I’m tired. But can’t sleep. I keep seeing the scenes play out in my head. Keep wondering if we covered everything. Keep telling myself we got it all and then some. But I can’t help think there has to be some kind of bad news. Everything was just too perfect. Maybe it’s all a dream. And the nightmare will be when I wake up and it never happened.