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Now I must sleep.


Ok, now that I’ve slept, I really have to add something to this. No way I could let such a monumental day go with just the one sentence.

Once we got back on set in the morning, Kurt decided (rightly so) that the set was too plain. It looked like some walls with grey paint. So he and the grips had a good ol’ time hacking away at the flats, scraping off paint, making holes in the walls, throwing dirt around (which was NOT fun to clean up later), pouring coffee, spraying paint, just anything to give the walls a fucked up, decayed look.

While that was going on I rehearsed Courtney and Lou for the scenes in Henry’s room. The biggest concern was to get the right subdued, somber out of Lou without the character being boring. Secondly, what Lou was going to do when he was “waiting” in the room. Much of his performance is standing at the window, trying to imagine himself somewhere else. How to shoot multiple scenes of that and not get boring, was a challenge. But I think everything worked out fine.

SPOILER – Highlight text to read, but not if you don’t want to ruin a surprise.
Adam Lawrence of eatdrink was there first thing to figure out the possibility of adding more clocks to the wall and if it was possible to digitally add more angels to the closet. It turns out that the 400 angels were enough to fill five shelves, so we decided to shoot that live. Of course, after we had wrapped for the day and the set was taken down, I realised we hadn’t set the clocks up for the plates Adam was going to need. I’m hoping it’s still possible to add more clocks, for continuity if nothing else. I’m also regretting that we didn’t get the clocks to match from edit to edit. Quite a task considering there was from five-20 minutes between shots, and the clocks show that passage of time. Hope there’s a way to fix it in post.
end spoiler.

All in all, it was a stressful, but productive first day of shooting. And after seeing the footage the following day, I had a renewed excitement for the next weekend.