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While we don’t have the budget for an “official casting call,” casting has begun. The three actors are the final (and crucial) pieces in the puzzle that is almost complete. Because we don’t have actors yet, I’m raising the Doom Watch to DefCon 2. We’re shooting December 3, 10 and 17.

JAMES – 30’s-40’s, dark sense of humor, rough-looking, thuggish, but not stereotypical, chunky/stocky build, any ethnicity, no nudity. Think Bruce Willis, Ethan Embry.

JAMES (optional version) – Early 20’s, good-looking with an edge, dark features, haunting, Caucasian, no nudity. Think Ryan Gossling, Jared Leto.

HENRY – 40’s, has a face with character, somber, minimal dialogue but must have presence, any ethnicity, no nudity. Think Bob Hoskins, Danny Aiello, Forrest Whitaker.

THE GIRL – at least 18, young-looking, girl-next-door-type, thin/frail, Caucasian. Long hair preferred. This is a physically/mentally taxing role, no nudity but must be comfortable wearing only underwear and shirt. Think Fiona Apple, Britanny Murphy.

Anyone interested can contact to be considered. Please include headshot and resume. Must be located in Las Vegas area. Pay will be negotiated.