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Currently discussing the style for the soundtrack with Rachel Bellinsky (of the famed Switchyard). Trying to decide if she should contrast the dreariness with a more lush, melodic score (like the Ludivico scene from A Clockwork Orange and the opening of Hiroshima, mon Amour) or accentuate it with equally sparse, cruel, grimy sounds. I’m kinda in the middle myself. I’m a sucker for a great soundtrack, but don’t want to kill the mood by creating something so divergent that it doesn’t help the visuals. At this point, we are trying to decide what dismal sounds like. Seems as though the majority of the soundtrack will be atmospheric, with a theme of sorts that will come in somehow to underscore a few key scenes. She thinks it should be an entirely unique soundtrack, something not really explored before. I agree, but exactly what that is, we’re still exploring. Stay tuned.