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Michael Dunn created RUBBERSQUARE in 2005 to be an all-encompassing company to create the things he loved: films, books, photography, design, merchandise and, yes, even LEGO. To date, RUBBERSQUARE has created three short films (THE BET, MONEY SHOT and FOREPLAY), a music video (HALLWAY), a documnetary (AN UNCOMMON WAGER: THE MAKING OF THE BET), two novels (//BEAUTIFUL and DETOX), a collection of short stories (SUFFER and SUFFER SINGLES), a collection of haiku (HAIKUINGLY…), four screenplays (DETOX, //BEAUTIFUL, THE BET and MONEY SHOT) and a bunch of merchandise related to any of the previous items. In addition, Michael Dunn’s design and photography portfolios have been folded into the main site.