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Diversity Champion

As part of my new corporate life, I was required to attend a two-day Diversity Workshop – basically a team building leadership experience. I was, from the onset, opposed to the very idea of it. There were some comments from people that really freaked me out (“spooked the herd” as they say). I’m not a […]

Prom Night

Apparently I wasn’t a Jamie Lee Curtis Fan Boy. Despite my horror geekiness spawned in the mid-’80s, i’d never seen seen terror train, nor prom night – the two big post-Halloween, Curtis starrers. Well, I’ve finally seen Prom Night, and, well… meh. I know had I been on the bandwagon then, I’d have followed the […]

what’s your favorite horror film…

Or horror film moment, or most terrifying moment? When, while watching a horror film did you think, “oh, crap, i can’t do this anymore!” what made you jump after watching a horror film. basically, share your horror film experiences as they encroached into the real world.For weeks after seeing The Blair Witch Project, my wife […]

Wicked Little Things

Not a bad film. Definitely nice looking. But I can’t stand Scout Taylor-Compton. Had a few decent scares, some blood. It just lacked that certain something.


After Paranormal Activity (which had a budget of about $11,000) raked in over $100 million, Paramount looked into launching an indie arm to produce and distribute under-$100k films. Ummm, the sequel to PA has a budget of $2.75 million. If even the sequel to the film that started that idea doesn’t fit into the plan […]

Friday the 13th Part II

I wanted to stick with films I hadn’t seen before, but Netflix is skimpy on the instant films, and I was jonesing. Plus, after watching The Prowler, this one was stuck in my head. Still one of my faves of the franchise. And this is one of the films in this year’s lame Fear Fest […]

Nine Dead

I should be nice, after all this had some promise. Had there not been a little-seen film called Saw, and had the actors here been convincing, this could have been a nice little thriller. All said, this film ain’t horrible – the end, yes – but the rest not so bad. A bit repetitive, a […]


I can still remember seeing this in the theatre and it makes me kinda sad that going to see a film – especially a horror film – in the theatre is nothing like it used to be. Used to be a lot more audience participation. Now, people sit there (all 3 of them) and text. […]

Case 29

Ugh. What a wannabe thriller with a puffy, sweaty crack whore in the lead. She should have stuck with the level of fame Texas Chainsaw Massacre-The Next Generation would have afforded her. And Jodelle Ferland needs to leave the business altogether. A failed attempt in Silent Hill, Tideland, everything, pretty much… Fail. Though if spiders […]

Happy Birthday to Me

Another one I’ve already seen, but not for a really long time. I still think it’s funny that the poster gives every kill away. Not great by any means, but I have to think this is one that played on HBO back when we got HBO through an antenna because I remember having seen this […]