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THE BET included on Pollygrind DVD

THE BET is proud to be a part of grindhouse festival’s DVD label debut.


An ex-porn star is forced to choose between his notorious past and an anonymous future.

The art of collaboration

When interviewed about “The Bet,” I was asked what it was like to write with a partner. I thought I’d take a minute and explain the process Chris Smith and I go through. It’s not the way many people might imagine, where we discuss and ponder and brainstorm in between turns at the keyboard. Actually […]

The inspiration

For quite some time, I’ve believed that everything around is an answer, we just haven’t asked the question yet. On February 9, 2007 I was at a photoshoot at Francis George’s studio. Between shots, I was looking through some of his props on a shelf and came across a huge horse syringe. Francis said I […]

New Blog

My name is Michael Dunn (also “The Man in the Planet) and I am a filmmaker.Shortly after completing my directorial debut, the short film, “The Bet,” I had an idea for a feature-length film. My co-writer on “The Bet,” Chris Smith, agreed to tackle the project together. In the next couple of days, I will […]


Trapped in a world of light, a young songstress makes her way to the formidable (and exciting) world of shadow.


Two men have a long-standing game of placing a wager on the fate of those unfortunate enough to cross their path. Their latest pawn is a young woman with a mysterious past.


An artist obeys the client, submits his work and releases everything in the name of art (and awards).