I took a few pictures with the Canon 650 35mm and Lensbaby Composer and 35mm lensPHOTOS 

Canon 650 35mm Fomapan Lensbaby 3-18 - pole

I mentioned before, I’d taken some pictures with the Lensbaby Composer and 35mm lens. I decided to stick to film only rather than swapping the lens back and forth from the Canon 650 to the Sony a7ii.

I went to Downtown Henderson (my favorite spot, although, it’s getting a bit familiar to me now. Plus, it was overcast and rainy which didn’t help with the streaking effect of the Composer which looks really nice when streaking a specular highlight. Bummed I have to send it all back tomorrow. Would have liked a little more time with it. Maybe I’ll plan a bit better to have more play time.

Overall, it’s a neat effect, but not worth what it costs. Gimmicky and not as useful as the 10mm rectilinear lens I rented the end of last year. I’d love to buy that one, but at $1000-ish, it’s way outta my budget.

This is just a teaser. Still going through the scans.

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