Three days off: Watched some movies, made some food, took a few photos

I took three days off this week, partly because I have been trying to get over a cold and thought the rest would do me good, partly because I needed a break in general and mostly because if I don’t use the days, I lose ’em. I didn’t have anything planned (which is why I was reluctant to take time off), but managed to get in 5 movies (one in the theatre) and make dinner two of the 3 nights (but also pulled fajita chicken and the most amazing meatballs and super good chocolate chip muffins and brownies). But I didn’t get any cleaning done (except running the dishwasher about 10 times after all the cooking).

At the last minute, I thought it would be good to try to schedule a photoshoot on one of the three days and contacted a model I’d been looking to work with for a casual shoot. We made plans for Wednesday. Then, I thought it would be fun to try out a new lens. The only thing that caught my eye was the Lensbaby Composer. Wasn’t too much to rent, even with a Metabones adapter to use it (and other EF mount lenses) on my Sony. What was expensive was shipping. Since it was a last-minute idea, the shipping was $45. About the same as the rental. Wouldn’t have been so bad, except it didn’t show up on Tuesday like it should have. Then Tuesday night, the model canceled. Then Thursday morning I went to a doctor appointment at 8am only to be told it was at 10:40. I couldn’t wait around, so I rescheduled for the next day.

What did turn out for the best was surprise (to me) pulled pork breakfast burrito lunch at work. One of the guys cooked the eggs and potatoes on his portable gas stove in the back of his truck. The boss’ wife made the pulled pork. Was darn good and ALMOST made up for a run of crappy luck. And I did manage to get a few shots of the cooking with the Lensbaby (digital and film). Hoping to go out today to cruise around DT Henderson and get a few more shots before I have to send it back on Monday.

So, what films did I see? (Actually, there were six if you count the full weekend)

  • Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri  ★★★½
  • Game Night (in the theatre)  ★★★
  • Verónica  ★★½
  • Mute  ★★½
  • Radius  ★★
  • Nerve  ★★

I guess my Netflix choices were limited to one-word titles (Three Billboards was an Amazon purchase, even though I could have seen it in the theatre. Just was easier to watch at home, and I had credits on Amazon anyway). Not a great bunch of films, but at least diverse and entertaining. I liked Three Billboards, but it still felt… normal. It’d be interesting to see this as a TV show because the characters were so interesting and the performances were even more amazing (I picked Sam Rockwell for Best Actor). The biggest disappointment was Mute, which had so much going for it but never gelled. Maybe I’ll get around to getting the full reviews (and those of the rest of the films I’ve watched this year—and last—up here.

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