Karaage is SO good

Showa karaage mix

Elder son’s night to pick dinner and he chose karaage burgers—which I’ve never made (although I did make sliders a year or so ago with some leftover mix). I’ve been a fan of karaage since the first time I tried it back in college. Essentially Japanese fried chicken, karaage (often on restaurant menus as chicken Katsu) is a fairly simple mix of panko and spices used as a batter. For whatever reason, I’ve always preferred the packaged mix to making it from scratch, despite what they lady at the Japanese market says.

So, tonight I’m making karaage (or Katsu) burgers. Just beef patties dipped in the prepared batter and fried. Then onto a potato bun with tomato and lettuce (my son nixed the Japanese slaw). There’ll be Yum-Yum sauce as well. Was gonna make fried, but forgot to buy them. Oh well.

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