The Canon 5D Mark II

Pretty much decided. Well, I am decided. I just need the cash (hopefully that will come when the camera does in late November).

Can’t tell you how awesome it is. 1080p. 30fps (which I’ve test converting to 24fps and it looks fine; plus a firmware upgrade may allow 24fps filming). And it’s a Canon. My two favorite photographers shoot (or shot) with Canon.

I have many, many, many plans for this fucker. First and foremost is shooting the video for “Virgins” for Rachel Bellinsky. Then, I am gonna experiment the shit of of what can be done and actually be a filmmaker for once.

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2 thoughts on “The Canon 5D Mark II

  1. Saw you posting on DVXUser re: the 5D2. Curious about “The Bet” (man in the planet, eh? paging Jack Fisk …) What’s your basic workflow for converting 30p to 24p?

  2. Yeah, I’m a big “Eraserhead” fan. All I did was drop the file (which showed 30fps in the Quicktime inspector) onto a 60p timeline, render and export through compressor to a 24p file. Like I said, the beginning of the clip looks good, but I think the frames get more tweaked progressively into the clip (where the end has a lot of jumping). Would need to do a number of tests to see if that could be alleviated. Not a fan of the 60p timeline since I couldn’t get FCP to play it even after rendering. My thinking right now is I might edit in 30p, then take the final edit onto the 60p timeline a chunk at a time, render and export to 24p. Then bring back all the 24p chunks onto a 24p timeline and color correct, etc. from there. Like I said. Still messing around.

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