A great example of synergy between art director and copywriter. Chris Smith, the copywriter wanted to use big, scientific terms on the first campaign we worked on for UMC. The idea was resurrected when we were tasked with creating a campaign to highlight each of the eleven Centers of Excellence.


The initial look created in print was my idea of taking Chris' big words and creating a backdrop from them, something that, despite their size, was secondary—an ongoing joke between us that no one read the words anyway. Taking UMC's blue for the medical terms and offseting that with a contrasting yellow to be the "human" element of the campaign, I created a look that was both eyecatching and distinctive across the campaign, carrying into TV.


Chris and I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to make the idea work for TV. I was a huge fan of the Teen Titans show airing at the time and loved the opening sequence and how it introduced each of the characters. We used that as the inspiration to introduce each of the Centers of Excellence, bookended by the individual characters and Centers.



Interestingly, the following year, the poster for Run Fatboy Run was released which bore a striking resemblance to this campaign.



Agency: B&P Advertising

Art Director: Michael Dunn

Copywriter: Chris Smith

Photography: Francis George

TV Production: Shilo