A fun spot for UMC to announce that primary care doctors were now at Quick Care facilities around town. What started as a joke (doctors in delivery boxes) was fleshed out in a short brainstorming session.


Thanks to a group of folks with a great sense of humor, the spot has a levity not seen in the other UMC spots.


From the Shaun of the Dead-inspired music to the goofy performances (and bublewrap!), this was not only fun to shoot, but fun to watch.


I'm particularly fond of the name on the sides of the trucks, Quick Carrier, a play on the Quick Care name (though no one else thought it was as funny as I did).


Agency: B&P Advertising

Art Director: Michael Dunn

Copywriter: Shannon Sarver

Director: Kurt Rauf

Producer: Matt Wilkinson

TV Production: Abe Froman Productions

Sound: John McClain