Treasure Island wanted to shed its family-skewed pirate theme for a more mature look. I wanted to show the guest as a strong, confident man, in charge of his life, a mentality often used in liquor campaigns, like Dewar's. The original headline was "Plot Your Own Course," a nod to the pirate theme without being themey.




From the beginning, the orange tone was part of the concept. I'm a fan of black and white photography, but knew it would never fly with the client. Adding the color tone was a way to bridge what the client expected (colorful images) and what I wanted (stark, monochromatic photography).


Each image highlights one person, looking at the camera, with the rest of the environment at play around him (or her). They are the focus, just like in their own life.


Kate Turning shot the images which were then recomposited by Landmind Studios to give a surreal, layered experience (as well as control every element in the shot).


As a side not, that's Kelly Clarkson of "Nip/Tuck" fame in the blackjack shot, on the shoulders of René Fris, a hairtsylist who made guest appearances on the reality show "Shear Genius."


Agency: B&P Advertising

Art Director: Michael Dunn

Copywriter: Chris Smith

Photography: Kate Turning

Retouching: Landmind Studios