Challenge: Media has bought ad placement on coffee sleeves in Phoenix to get people to come to Luxor.


Solution: Suggest a one-off campaign to make the buy not seem like an afterhthought.


Identifying an opportunity to do more than just resize the current campaign to little coffee sleeves (with the worst use of a QR code ever), I convinced then-Creative Director Victoria Lee to push the client to try something different.


We each took a stab at a campaign to fit the buy, with mine being a play with words and simple graphics, and the tagline "Escape is closer than you think."


But there was another challenge: That QR code. I hate them. Originally, there was a long set of instructions with it that said to go to a website, download the reader, then scan the code. What was inside the code? luxor.com.


Not only did I convince them to lose all the instructions, but also not to have it just direct to the home page, to instead create a unique landing page, tailored for the Phoenix market who was scanning the code that could be tracked to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.


A lot of work for a one off, but every buy should work hard for the money.


Agency: MGM Resorts International

Designer & Copywriter: Michael Dunn