I won't give a play-by-play on each of the logos here, instead I'll answer the question I ask when looking at logos in a portfolio during an interview.


"When designing a logo, do you sketch first or go straight to the computer"


I tend to go straight to the computer, typing out the name and then trying out different fonts. From there, I'll start manipulating the letterforms to create something unique.


This was the case with the Fun Dungeon logo, where I liked Kingpin, then changed up the letters so each was unique, then added the arcade elements, replacing the "U" in Dungeon with milk bottles and the "O" with a dartboard. Then added a 3D effect.


The Masque logo was one of the rare instances where the budget allowed hiring someone to create the logo under my direction. The Heaven & Hell smoker logo was another chance to work with a calligrapher, in this case Nancy Ogami. She created two sets of the alphabet that worked together, one with simpler forms, the other with more gothic flourishes. I used the letters to create the logo as well as each of the sins and virtues that were highlighted on the inside.


Usually, I'll have something in mind first. For instance, with the MGM Gaming logo, I wanted to reinterpret the MGM lion head to make it more modern, so I started retracing the lion head, using angles instead of curves. From there, I explored a number of fonts to find one that fit the look of the lion head.


Other times, the logo materializes after a lot of playing around with it. The X-Hale logo, based on the client's direction of tying into the X-Men. The font is pretty standard, but a lot of work went into making the woman's silhouette work in the negative space.


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