One of the rare opportunities for the in-house department to work for an outside client, this project gave me a chance to work on an ad campaign again. Cirque du Soleil asked us to create an umbrella campaign for all of their Vegas shows.


I wanted to create a campaign based around a Cirque du Soleil show for every mood. With the inspiration of a mood ring which changed color depending on the mood of the wearer, I created the spectrum with each color relating to a unique mood and word to describe each show. Originally the headlines were "Today, I am Epic" and "Today, I am Groovy," but ultimately, the client decided that one word wasn't enough to capture what the shows were about and insisted on using multiple words with an ellipse in the headline.


Chris Smith also came up with the tagline "Your mood. Our stage." which summed up the entire campaign perfectly.


Originally, a photoshoot was planned to capture one of the iconic characters from each show in an environment outside the stage. Criss Angel in the desert in a thunderstorm, the Mystère character in a flower-filled pond, but budget and timelines prevented this.


In effect, a zero-budget camapign that ran in various iterations for over a year.


Agency: MGM Resorts International

Concept and Design: Michael Dunn

Copywriter: Chris Smith