An ex-porn star is forced to choose between his notorious past and an anonymous future.

About the Film

MONEY SHOT came about after director/co-writer Michael Dunn saw Dead Hook in a Trunk by the Soska Sisters at Pollygrind where “The Midnight Movie” version of THE BET premieried. Inspired to create a grindhouse film for the next year’s festival, Michael decided to adapt a short story from his collection SUFFER. With co-writer Chris Smith and the talents of Francis George and Francis Baytan, the film came together, bringing Walt Turner (James from THE BET) back for another crazed role.

2011 | 12 minutes | Thriller | Color | Stereo

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The Bet Remastered Trailer
- MONEY SHOT Teaser -


  • Walt Turner stars as The Stalker
    - Walt Turner stars as “The Stalker” -
  • Joe Ditmyer stars as The Stud
    - Joe Ditmyer stars as “The Stud” -
  • Vera Petrychenka stars as The Seductress
    - Vera Petrychenka stars as “The Seductress” -
  • The Stalker strips The Stud of his normal clothes
    - The Stalker strips away the everyday clothes of The Stud. -
  • Seducing The Stud
    - The Seductress works her magic. -
  • The Stud gets nailed
    - The Stud gets nailed. -
  • The Stalker threatens The Stud
    - The Stalker threatens The Stud. -
  • The Seductress gyrates
    - Seducing The Stud." -
  • Walt Turner
    - “You’ve hit the pause button, man. It’s time to hit play.” -

Joe Ditmyer … Henry

Vera Petrychenka … The Girl

Walt Turner … James

Michael Dunn … Director

Michael Dunn … Producer

Michael Dunn > & Chris Smith … Writers

Francis George & Francis Baytan … Directors of Photography

John McClain … Sound Designer

Nine Inch Nails … Music

Michael Dunn … Editor