Music video directed by Michael Dunn for the theme song written by Rachel Bellinsky and performed by Justine Bellinsky from the short film THE BET.

About the Film

Shot in one day at Francis George’s studio to be included as a bonus feature on THE BET DVD, the video was inspired by Justine’s love of Mia’s transformation in Legend. Integrating props from THE BET and footage made to look like an old 8mm film, the video tells the story of a woman haunted by a mysterious man who eventually pulls her over into his shadow world for a dance of death. Winner of the Audience Choice for Best Music Video at Pollygrind 2010.

2007 | 5 minutes | Music Video | Color | Stereo


<Hallway music video
- HALLWAY Music Video -


  • Justine Bellinsky performs HALLWAY.
    - Justine Bellinsky performs HALLWAY. -
  • James and The Girl dance.
    - Justine is pulled into the shadow world for a dance with a mysterious stalker. -
  • James and Henry reach the end of their game.
    - 8mm filtered scene from THE BET which inspired the “Midnight Movie” version included on the DVD. -
  • Justine performs HALLWAY
    - Justine performs HALLWAY" -
  • James (Walt Turner) stalks from the shadows.
    - Walt Turner reprises his role as “James”. -
  • James pays off after losing the bet.
    - Another scene from the “Midnight Movie” version of THE BET. -
  • Justine sings in a peaceful world.
    - The peaceful, light world. -

Justine Bellinsky … The Songstress

Walt Turner … James

Michael Dunn … Director & Editor

Francis George & Francis Baytan … Directors of Photography

Rachel Bellinsky … Music