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Interview with the Author of DETOX

Filmmaker-turned-novelist Michael Dunn talks about his latest novel based on an unproduced screenplay with THE BET cowriter, Chris Smith.


Screenplays available for purchase or production.

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Collection of books by Michael Dunn easier to find on leading retail site and social library.


Email sign-offs between Smith & db.


Twin brothers believe one of them should have been absorbed in utero and look for a way to do what nature didn’t.


Mat kidnaps his ex-girlfriend, Julia, to detox her from heroin, hoping she’ll fall in love with him again.

Suffer Singles

These books are not for you. Three volumes of short works by Michael Dunn.


From a period spanning 15 years, the works herein were a way of exorcising the emotions and thoughts that would have poisoned from the inside. Now, for the first time, they are collected and presented for the public. Understand, though, these stories were never meant for anyone else.

The art of collaboration

When interviewed about “The Bet,” I was asked what it was like to write with a partner. I thought I’d take a minute and explain the process Chris Smith and I go through. It’s not the way many people might imagine, where we discuss and ponder and brainstorm in between turns at the keyboard. Actually […]

The inspiration

For quite some time, I’ve believed that everything around is an answer, we just haven’t asked the question yet. On February 9, 2007 I was at a photoshoot at Francis George’s studio. Between shots, I was looking through some of his props on a shelf and came across a huge horse syringe. Francis said I […]