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Mat kidnaps his ex-girlfriend, Julia, to detox her from heroin, hoping sheโ€™ll fall in love with him again.

THE BET included on Pollygrind DVD

THE BET is proud to be a part of grindhouse festivalโ€™s DVD label debut.

Slamdance praises body horror screenplay BEAUTIFUL.

Slamdance gives great feedback on Michael Dunnโ€™s feature-length screenplay about body integrity identity disorder, BEAUTIFUL.

Suffer Singles

These books are not for you. Three volumes of short works by Michael Dunn.

Separated at birth

Ha, a teaser for the upcoming blog post about something special. But, seriously… this.


From a period spanning 15 years, the works herein were a way of exorcising the emotions and thoughts that would have poisoned from the inside. Now, for the first time, they are collected and presented for the public. Understand, though, these stories were never meant for anyone else.


An ex-porn star is forced to choose between his notorious past and an anonymous future.

Money Shot

I have just begun pre-production on another short entitled “Money Shot.” I’ve created a Facebook page where I will updating the steps along the way. Like the page to keep in the loop. Matt Wilkinson, producer of “The Bet,” has agreed to help with the producing duties. Chris Smith, co-writer of “The Bet,” is currently […]


So I’m 75% through Beautiful (for the second time) and revisiting Detox to see if there’s a way to punch it up and get it sold. And I’m toying with an idea that could maybe be a feasible next short. And by “could” and “maybe” I mean “if I can figure out a way to […]

Lucky number 7

This weekend I got my 7th tattoo. It was a sorta last-minute thing. We had planned a weekend trip to San Francisco mainly to get away to celebrate our 15th anniversary and my two-score birthday by going to Alcatraz (fitting, i know). (side note, Mythbusters is doing Alcatraz escapes). I’ve been jonesing for a tattoo […]